I chuckle to myself any time I hear someone say something like “Running is such a simple and inexpensive sport. All you have to buy is a pair of shoes.” I am living proof that this is not necessarily true. I am fairly certain that over the past few years I have spent nothing short of a small fortune on running shoes, apparel, and accessories.

My favorite running store quickly recognized my affinity for purchasing running gear and accouterments and offered me a position as a sales associate. My work in the running specialty industry has introduced me to all sorts of fabulous products designed to optimize performance and make running a more enjoyable (and sometimes even more fashionable) experience. I have bought damn-near all of them…

Although at times this has been very bad news for my bank account, it is great news for you! I have decided to use my vast collection of running clothing and accessories to benefit the greater good by creating “The Fast and The Fabulous”, a product review blog designed to direct you to the gear you need to go the distance and look great doing it!

More Fun Facts about the Fast and the Fabulous:

I am an avid recreational runner, the full-time online personality of/ Director of Community Engagement at Bull City Running Co., a fabulous family owned running specialty store, and a proud brand ambassador for Oiselle women’s running apparel. To learn even more about me and all of my favorite running stuff check out my fantastic Oiselle Team athlete profile!

In addition to running and collecting running gear some of my favorite things include non-fat lattes, laughing out loud, karaoke, cold beers with good friends, frozen yogurt, traveling, puppies, and spontaneous dance parties. My greatest hope for all of you “Fast and Fabulous” readers out there is that this blog will direct you to products that will grow your love for running and all the great benefits that come with it.

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  1. Could you possibly, could you….be….the woman who has more running outfits than ME? We may need to have a match off….

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